Printing Speed : 300 mm/s


Paper width : 58/80/83±0.5mm


Print width : 48~80±0.5mm


Column capacity : 576 dots/line (adjustable by command)


Interface : USB+Serial+Lan/USB+Serial+Lan+Bluetooth/USB+Serial+Lan+Wifi


Line spacing : 3.75mm (Adjustable by commands)


Power adaptor : Input: AC 240V, 50-60Hz / Output: DC 24V/2.5A


Cash drawer output : DC 24V / 1A


Auto cutter : Partial


Reliable cutter with intelligent code to prevent cutter from cutter jammed.

  • Size(W x L x H,mm) : 130 x 140 x 133
  • Gross weight(Kg) : 1.1

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